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Kspan-ubm is reckoned as one of the leading SP material suppliers, we produce a wide range of SP material excellent quality product with greatest efficiency and exceptional accuracy. Our products conform to the various requirements of the industry from decades, we have upgraded our manufacturing equipment and capabilities of qualified managers, engineers as well as technicians.

The quality and long lasting features of our china SP material are commendable and is appreciated by our clients located across various market domains. Our range of products are best suited to clients because our SP material provided by us are supplied to satisfy various requirements of clients. We also provide customized solutions as per client specifications that truly help our company to build a strong association with them. We ensure that the cost of our services is less.

  • Stone paint

    SANXINGSPmaterial is a kind of paint decorative effect resembles marble, granite. It is mainly made up by a variety of colors natural stone powder, and apply in the building facade imitation stone effect, it is also known as liquid stone. The buildin...

  • Natural Texture Stone Paint

    Texture paint with its infinite three-dimensional texture, more choice for personality which shows a unique and refreshing space view. And personality creation could meet the overall decorative style, making the texture paint in the decoration shows ...

  • Emulsion paint

    Emulsion paint is a kind of water-dispersible paint, it includes a synthetic resin emulsion as the base material, after grinding and adding a variety of additives forming into be the refined paint. Emulsion paint own many different advantages from  t...

  • Marble paint

    It is in the special treatment of aqueous solution by adding a variety of color particles produced, the paint has a realistic marble surface effect, noble and elegant, soft color, distinctive personality, and has excellent durability, good ductility,...

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