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Kspan-ubm is reckoned as one of the leading Auxiliary Equipments suppliers, we produce a wide range of Auxiliary Equipments excellent quality product with greatest efficiency and exceptional accuracy. Our products conform to the various requirements of the industry from decades, we have upgraded our manufacturing equipment and capabilities of qualified managers, engineers as well as technicians.

The quality and long lasting features of our china Auxiliary Equipments are commendable and is appreciated by our clients located across various market domains. Our range of products are best suited to clients because our Auxiliary Equipments provided by us are supplied to satisfy various requirements of clients. We also provide customized solutions as per client specifications that truly help our company to build a strong association with them. We ensure that the cost of our services is less.

  • Automatic Lift Platform

    The automatic lifting table is an aluminum platform that elevates two people to work at heights up to 14m and a load bearing capacity of up to 300kg, depending on the model. It is powered using a DC motor and is able to move automatically. It can exc...

  • Automatic Tube Bending Machine

    Main Technical Specifications  Size: 800mm x 1200mm x 1000mm  Weight: about 800kg  Usage: Bend round tubes and square tubes to make skylights for K-span roof, or as the supporter of the first arch sheet of K-span buildings.  Motor power: 3.0kw  Tube ...

  • Corrugated Panel Bending Machine

    Application:  The small span curving panels produced by this roll forming auxiliary equipment is suitable for designed profile roof panels, making them strong, durable and fashionable. These curved panels save roof purlines and steel frames at lower ...

  • Automatic Decoiler

    The principle of hydraulic de-coiling machine is the hydraulic inner tight, active uncoiler driven by a motor.  

  • Automatic Stacker

    Features of the Automatic Stacker  Suitable for single-layer roll formers and double-layer roll formers.  It is not necessary to connect the electrical lines with the roll former to adjust operation.  Suitable for different machines with different he...

  • Air Ventilator

    Wind Cap  The stainless steel wind cap is a piece of auxiliary equipment, automatically driven by the wind, 24 hours a day. It is extremely sensitive to wind, so even the slightest breeze will move it, and its rotation is silent and smooth. The wind ...

  • Slitting Machine

    The slitting roll forming machine changes different separate covers to slit different coil widths. The up and down blade shaft uses a middle alloy steel, and the entire surface is nitrogen treated.

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