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Why Choose The K-Span Machine

Update:08 Jan 2019

The K-Span Machine mobile roll forming machine is capab […]

The K-Span Machine mobile roll forming machine is capable of quickly and flexibly manufacturing arched buildings and roofs on site, and this span can be met from 4m to 40m, with no restrictions on the length of the roof. The K-Span Machine can also be installed in a very large range, which can be installed on bricks, concrete or even steel structures, eliminating the need for traditional roof supports structures.

The K-Span Machine is able to adapt to the existing infrastructure and can be expanded at any time after completion, bringing more flexibility to our customers, fully satisfying customers' needs and maximizing profits.

The K-span arched building was built on a continuous concrete strip along the length of the building. Since the relatively light structural loads of the roof and walls are evenly transferred to the foundation of the bottom of each individual arched panel, the building model is suitable for most soil conditions without the need for backfilling or piling.

K does not have any critical structural connections between the arched building and roof. As a result, buildings are insensitive to relatively small soil or ground movements, which ultimately means building equally strong buildings on relatively small (cheaper) foundations.

For those who choose this system, the K-span arched building is virtually maintenance-free, and the removal is also very convenient and does not require large equipment for removal. So, in general, it is very safe and reliable.

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