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Why Choose Kspan-ubm for ABM 120 K Span Machine

Update:30 Oct 2018

Kspan-ubm is a professional Forming Machine manufacture […]

Kspan-ubm is a professional Forming Machine manufacturer, we hav a talented team of engineers who are celebrated for their innovation and excellence. Over the years, our business has grown out of our factory to become one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the province.

We believe our customer want reliable and timely products with great value, so our commitment is to offering quality, reliability, quick delivery and value defines. In our industry, customer service is often an afterthought.

Why Choose Kspan-ubm for ABM 120 K Span Machine

Email Services in 24 hours

Troubleshooting Support Operational issues Support Design Consulting

Phone Service

Users can get the appropriate technical advice and answers by phone us or contacting the sale representative.Please feel free to contact with us as you want !

Oversea Service

We can send technicians to your side to train the workers on how to operate and maintenance machine and how to fix the arching project.

Free training at seller’s factory

Not only we are a machine manufacturer , but also a construction company. We contract some domestic projects simultaneously. All the year round, there are any machines in stock . You can send you people to my factory for training free of charge. Accommodation can be provided by us till your people finish the training.

Engineering Calculation and Drawing Designing

Kspan-ubm offer assistance for the calculation for project and drawing designing for free. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time any place.

Kspan-ubm sees a continuous need for co-operation and partner-ship with other specialist companies and sincerely looks forward to working with you!

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