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The Future Trend of Roll Forming Machine

Update:22 May 2018

The current development of Roll Forming Machine seems t […]

The current development of Roll Forming Machine seems that there will be an directional trend in the future. There are now disaster areas everywhere, and the pressure of the roll forming machine has caused the rain to collapse.

The first is to look at the international advanced level, develop independent innovation products, and develop in the direction of high-grade, high-level and full-automation. Second, do a good job in supporting large-scale production line equipment. It can produce common porous bricks and hollow bricks, and can also produce high-strength, porous thin-walled blocks with good thermal insulation performance. Meet the equipment requirements for shale, gangue, fly ash and other raw materials outside the clay.

The third is to pay attention to the breadth of the sales market for brick mechanical products. The layout of the roll forming machine structure should be comprehensively considered according to the characteristics of the system, load distribution and properties. Its shape should be as close as possible to the line of action of the lateral force (wind shock). Pressers should also consider the twisting of the structure. There should be multiple lines of defense on the side of the structure. For example, with a supporting frame structure, the column should be able to withstand at least 1/4 of the total horizontal force alone. Generally speaking, it should be uniform in rigidity. The mechanics model is clear. As far as possible, limit the range of influence of large or moving loads so that they are transmitted to the foundation with the most direct route. The distribution of anti-side support between columns should be uniform.

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