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Technology Of Roll Forming Machine

Update:19 Dec 2018

Roll forming technology originated in Europe in the 196 […]

Roll forming technology originated in Europe in the 1960s, mainly processed by plastic movement of materials into various shapes of shafts, valve cores and special fasteners. Rolling deformation is a line contact, which is carried out continuously and progressively, and the required deformation force is small. One or several workpiece can be produced in one stroke. Nowadays, with development of technology and production, it is more and more attractive.

Compared with cutting and grinding process, rolling forming technology not only has high efficiency and material saving, but also has high strength and stable quality, which is suitable for machining work pieces that are extremely difficult to cut. Especially for products with an annual output of millions, roll forming technology is beneficial and has impressive economic effectiveness .

Roll forming parts are generally forged by a cold heading machine, and then rolled by a thread rolling machine. Thread rolling and rolling molding equipment can be: a variety of reciprocating flat screw-rolling machine, planetary screw-rolling machine, two cylindrical screw-rolling machine and three cylindrical screw-rolling machine. However, the most common one is a reciprocating flat wire rubbing machine. Therefore, for manufacturers equipped with cold heading machines and thread rolling machines, it is only the matter of designing a rolling forming mold.

A movable wire plate formed by rolling is carried out in a relative reciprocating motion with a fixed wire plate. Roll forming is the rolling of different structural designs on the wire onto the workpiece. All kinds of thread, convex ring, knurling, end chamfering and groove of different depth, width and narrowness can be rolled out as required.

Developed in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Russia, compression molding is an advanced process, whose remarkable process characteristics are valued by the domestic and foreign automotive industry. The United States uses the rolling forming process to process the rotating shaft of the car, which is 200 pieces per minute, which is more than 40 times higher than the original cutting. In the meantime, it is used in England and Japan to produce automotive connecting rod parts.


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