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Requiremetn and function of K-span no-beam arch roof

Update:04 Aug 2016

The beamless steel arch roof is inspired by the structu […]

The beamless steel arch roof is inspired by the structural modeling of the plant's epidermal texture in nature and the thin steel sheet reinforces the strength through the corrugations to create a large-span roofing panel.

No beam arch by the structure of the building materials classification

1, brick and wood structure: the main load-bearing components of the house with brick, wood. Among them, such as walls, columns, etc. using brick, horizontal load-bearing components floor, roof truss, etc. to use wood to produce. The general structure of such houses less floor, more use in single-storey houses.

2, brick and concrete structure: building walls, columns with brick masonry, beams, floors, stairs, roofs made of reinforced concrete, built into reinforced concrete masonry. Most of these types are used in the small-scale industrial buildings of the small-scale factories (below the sixth floor), which are the most widely adopted building structures.

3, reinforced concrete structure: building beams, columns, floors, the foundation of all use of reinforced concrete to construction production. Beams, slabs, columns, and foundation are made into a load-bearing frame structure, which we call frame structure in construction. Wall only from the role of protection, brick masonry. Most of the frame structure used in high-rise and large-span housing construction.

4, steel structure: beams, columns, roof truss load-bearing members such as the use of steel production, the use of masonry walls or other building materials. Such structures are generally used in large-scale industrial buildings.


(1) the role and requirements of the roof: the roof is the top cover, which is composed of roof and support structure. The role of the roof is to prevent the impact of rain, snow, sand and wind from the sun and the radiation from the sun. On the other hand, it also has to bear the load on the roof, including snow load, roof weight and the possible weight of construction and repair of components and crowd, and pass it to the wall. Therefore, the sturdy, self-important light, with waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation and thermal performance of the roof requirements. At the same time the construction of the components required for construction convenience, and the overall building with a good appearance.

(2) Type of roof: Generally can be divided into four categories: flat roof, sloping roof, curved roof and multi-wave folding roof.

Flat roof: roof slope does not exceed the maximum ten percent, the slope of a common civil percent, most users are doing load-bearing structure with cast and precast reinforced concrete slab, the roof kick Antonius made waterproof and thermal insulation .

House, double slope and four slope for a larger span Yu. Common roof truss structure to do load-bearing structure, with the roof tile to do.

Curved roof: the roof shape for a variety of surfaces, such as spherical, hyperbolic parabolic and so on. Load-bearing layout of the grid, reinforced concrete shell, suspended cable layout structure.

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