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Some Performance Of The Roll Forming Machine

Update:21 Nov 2018

Aesthetic: The clear lines of the profiled roll forming […]

Aesthetic: The clear lines of the profiled roll forming machine have as many as dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style building and achieve satisfactory results. High strength: It is made of high-strength steel plate (tensile strength 5600KG/CM) plus the most advanced design and roll forming, with excellent structural characteristics.


Fire protection: The surface material and insulation material of the color composite sandwich panel are non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire protection regulations. Quick installation: The composite panel has the advantages of light weight, splicing installation and free cutting, which makes it easy to install, which can greatly improve the efficiency and save the construction period.


Durability: Various studies have shown that it has been widely used in foreign countries for more than 40 years. The color steel plate treated by special coating has a shelf life of 10-15 years, and then sprays anticorrosive paint every 10 years. The life of the plate can reach more than 35 years.

The hydraulic tile pressing machine is a kind of color steel pressing machine.


The utility model comprises a roll forming machine base, a vertical arm, a machine head, an upper pressing die, a lower pressing die, and a power device for driving the upper die pressing, the power device comprising a hydraulic pump, and an electric motor for driving the hydraulic pump to be driven by the hydraulic pump a hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is fixedly connected to the upper pressing mold, and the hydraulic pipeline is further provided with a relief valve and a manual reversing valve, and the oil-free pipeline of the rodless chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is further The utility model is provided with a liquid filling valve; the utility model replaces the mechanical transmission of the ordinary pressing machine with a hydraulic transmission.

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