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Safe Use of Electricity Matters for Roll Forming Machine

Update:03 Nov 2018

The safety of Roll Forming Machine equipment is very im […]

The safety of Roll Forming Machine equipment is very important. The occurrence of electrical safety accidents on a single item will bring immeasurable losses to production. Now, we will introduce the safe use of electricity matters for roll forming machine.

1. The electrician must know the type and function of the electrical circuit and electrical equipment in the workshop. The function of the electrical equipment is not fully understood, and it is forbidden to take risks.

2. When the conductive part of the pressure tile is grounded, it is necessary to keep it at a safe distance to avoid the step voltage damage before the power is cut off.

3. In addition to the temporary construction electricity or temporary measures, the temporary electrical wires are not allowed to be agreed, the switches and sockets are not allowed to be hanged, the instrument tools and the welding machine are safely applied, and the original electrical lines are not allowed to be changed without authorization.

4. The equipment must be connected to a safe ground wire.

5. According to the safety of the equipment, the electrical equipment is inspected and maintained on schedule, and the redundant lines of the unused electrical equipment are completely removed.

6. A certain distance from the electrical body must use dry wood rubber or insulation material for reliable necessary obstruction.

7. When repairing the equipment of the pressing machine, pull down the switch and the knife. It is necessary to make a warning sign such as “No closing, some people working”, such as: on the covered fence of the charged equipment and the aisle where the passage is prohibited. Hang up the warning sign “Stop, high voltage danger”, and the work place should be affixed with the warning sign “Someone is working here”.

8. The electrician should check the condition of cables, motors, electric consoles and other equipment on a daily basis. If problems are found during the inspection, they must be dealt with in a timely manner. When checking the motor temperature, first check the power and then test it with the back of the hand.

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