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Roll Forming Machine training

Update:25 Dec 2018

Training has been a hot word with manufacturing for man […]

Training has been a hot word with manufacturing for many years. All companies see and express the need for training. The problem of experienced employee retirement is real. Today, the company is engaged in operational battles with inexperienced personnel. Training the workforce is a must, and it turns out to be a daunting task. Almost all companies have listed training as a top priority for continuous improvement – they all believes that training is needed, but finding the right approach is difficult.

Roll Forming Machine is an industry with the characteristics of "black art." Many companies have only one factory expert and have always relied on employees retiree . When this employee retirees, it leaves a huge loophole and generates training needs. The company tried to fill the gap between a shadow plan, but often time is not enough, or the experts are not trainers, and the shadow plan is not successful. The high-quality training needs provided to Yingkou ChangSheng Steel Structure Project Co., Ltd are growing every day.

The training defines and describes the roll forming process. This step is often missing in shadow programs. Many schools use shadow courses to teach students, but they must first learn about the profession through a few weeks of book work. This system allows students to understand the profession and then enter the real world experience. Teaching and understanding the roll forming process is the same. Engineers, operators, and managers need to understand the basics of roll forming to implement a quality training program.

Once the training is completed, the most difficult step will happen. Management must support training to allow the learning curve to occur in order to be successful. Practice the newly learned methods to let the production team work together and understand the process. Find problems and implement solutions to the same page. This team will start performing.

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