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Roll Forming Machine Can Bend Metals

Update:29 Jan 2018

Changsheng Roll Forming Machine use strip metal to make […]

Changsheng Roll Forming Machine use strip metal to make specific configurations, the most common being rolled steel. In most applications, the cross-sectional profile required for the part is machine-specifically designed to bend the metal as needed. In addition to roll forming, these machines perform many metalworking tasks, including material cutting and rolling. Most roll forming machines work continuously and continuously. The material is fed into the machine, continuously at each stage of every operation, and the final product is completed.

Roll Forming Machine use multiple stations for metal bending at room temperature, where fixed rollers guide the metal and make the necessary bending. As the metal tape passes through the roll former, each set of rolls slightly bends some metal over the previous roll stand. This progressive method of bending the metal ensures that the correct cross-sectional shape is achieved while maintaining the cross-sectional area of the workpiece. Often operating at speeds of 30 to 600 feet per minute, roll-forming machines are ideal for making large numbers of parts or very long parts.

Roll forming machines are also well suited for the manufacture of precision parts, requiring very little finishing work if required. In most cases, depending on the material being formed, the finished product has excellent surface finish and very fine detail. The basic molding machine has a production line that can be divided into four major sections. The first part is the inlet part of the material. The material is usually inserted in the form of a sheet or fed from a continuous coil. The next part, Station Roller, is where the actual roll is formed, where the work station is located, and the shape of the metal throughout the process. Station rollers not only metal, but also the main driving force of the machine.

The next part of the basic roll former is a cutting press in which the metal is cut to a predetermined length. Due to the speed at which machines work and the fact that machines work continuously, flying die-cutting technology is not uncommon. The last part is the exit station, the finished part is exported from the machine to the roller conveyor or workbench and moved manually.

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