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Prefabricated Steel Housing Is The Forerunner Of Green Buildings

Update:13 Dec 2018

Prefabricated houses known as integrated houses, are bu […]

Prefabricated houses known as integrated houses, are built by means of industrialized production. They are built by prefabricating part or all components of a house in a factory, transporting them to the construction site, and assembling the components through reliable connections. In Europe, America and Japan, they are called industrialized houses

Prefabricated houses are mainly divided into three modes:prefabricated concrete housings, prefabricated steel housings, prefabricated container housings.

Mode 1: Prefabricated concrete housings

Prefabricated concrete housings are made of the concrete components which can be assembled, connected and partially poured on the ground. PC component is the finished concrete component formed by the factory production of component processing unit. PC housing has many advantages such as high efficiency and energy saving, green and environmental protection, cost reduction and so on.

Mode 2:Prefabricated steel housings

Prefabricated steel housings are the forerunner of green buildings. The ministry of housing has set the direction for them as the development of low-density housing due to its remarkable advantages,such as energy saving, environmental protection, fast construction speed.

The system was developed in the United States in the 1950s to replace the wooden structure. It  is now widely used in the United States, Canada and other countries.In Australia, steel structure  construction accounts for about 50% of all new residential construction.

Mode 3: Prefabricated container housings

Prefabricated container housings make use of containers to create leisure clubs and tourist hotels. The roof plate is made of external glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel framework and internal glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is equipped with ventilation systems such as water, power lines, doors and windows, reception rooms, accommodation rooms, toilets, etc. With functional layout, convenience and comfort, it reflects the unique freedom and creative style. However, it is not possible to undertake large quantities of use and construction with housing identity,because of mainly limit by the issue of land use rights.

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