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Introduce What Is Arched Construction Machinery

Update:03 Jan 2019

The Arch Building Machine adopts internationally advanc […]

The Arch Building Machine adopts internationally advanced supporting equipment, generally 0.6-1.5mm thick special 914 width color coated into a coiled steel plate as raw material, after the pressing, seaming, lifting and forming the roof structure. It has short design and construction period, low investment and fast construction. It is widely used in concrete mixing plant sheds, industrial plants, warehouses, garages, hangars, etc.

The mechanical structure of the Arch Building Machine has no beams and no flaws, no need for roof trusses, and the space is increased once, and the support can reach 38 meters. No flaws, no flaws on the wall or floor can achieve beautiful architecture. The arched roof is shaped like a flying rainbow and has a light body, giving a feeling of wholehearted beauty.

The diverse combination of arched construction machinery has a variety of architectural styles. It can be combined with straight troughs and traditional structures into different forms of buildings, increasing the use of space, and the uniqueness of the craftsmanship is endless.

Plate selection, mechanical bite seaming Our company routinely uses Baosteel color high-strength TS28 galvanized sheet to make metal Arch Building Machine, mechanical bite lock seam, tight air and save time and improve efficiency.

Arch Building Machine roof features

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