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How to Maintain K Span Machine

Update:27 Dec 2018

Why do you want to maintain your own k span machine? Ev […]

Why do you want to maintain your own k span machine? Every investment is worthy of your maintenance. Only by properly maintaining the machine can you extend your entire production line and create wealth of your subsequent production.
Regular maintenance like a k span machine is essential. The blade of this machine must always be in good oil condition, and only the proper oil can be used to keep the blade in a good condition. If an inappropriate oil or heavy penetrating oil is used, the blade will thicken and cause blunt cutting.
One of the features of most current machines is the polyurethane driven roller system and the free-floating roller with chrome plating, which must be cleaned regularly. Try to remove this dirt as much as possible. Push forward when you turn on the machine, don't let your hands away from any parts. Turn the machine off and clean the other part and repeat these steps if necessary.
If necessary, remove the debris from the machine and vacuum it. In daily work, every time, the machine is always cleaned and rested. Excessive water in the coolant mixture can cause the rolls to stick together, affecting machine performance and product quality. The material and speed through the forming process have an effect on the coolant system.
In any case, the good maintenance of the k span machine can bring more benefits of your operation. At the same time, if you can create a good working environment for machine production, I believe that it can bring you better results!


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