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The origin of corrugated steel without beam arched roof

Update:04 Aug 2016

Non-beam arched roof corrugated steel (also called non- […]

Non-beam arched roof corrugated steel (also called non-beam arch space tile) is a new type of space light steel structure.

The origin of corrugated steel without beam arched roofs: In the 1940s, some American architects were inspired by the structural modeling of plant epidermal texture in nature and used various scientific methods to study the effect of extremely thin materials to be stiffened by the corrugations , Thus finding a way to make a larger-span structure. Structural steel sheet as the raw material, the establishment of mechanical model, in theory, the scientific analysis of the ideal structure. In this case, the architects and mechanics worked together with great painstaking research. The corrugated steel structure without beam-shaped arched roofs led the machinists to develop equipment units capable of producing corrugated thin-walled structures, Roof molding unit.

In 1955, the United States started using the roof in military (battle hangar, barracks, etc.). Low cost, rapid construction, perfect construction effect makes the metal roof more and more researchers and a wider range of users. The rapid development of this structure, especially the introduction of computer numerical control makes the metal roof design of this structure is simple and quick.

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