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CS-KSPAN Roll Forming Machine Provides you Quality and Reliable Products

Update:29 May 2018

Changsheng Forming Machine using hot-rolled steel coil […]

Changsheng Forming Machine using hot-rolled steel coil as raw material, removing the oxide scale after pickling, the finished product is rolled hard coil, the cold hardening due to continuous cold deformation makes the hardness and hardness of the rolled hard coil rise, and toughness As the index declines, the stamping performance will deteriorate and it can only be used for simple deformed parts. Rolled hard coils can be used as raw materials for hot dip galvanizing plants because the hot dip galvanizing lines are all equipped with an annealing line. Rolled hard coils are generally 20-40 tons in weight. The coils are continuously rolled at normal temperature. The inner diameter is 610mm.

A roll forming machine uses some fixed rollers at room temperature to guide the metal and make the necessary bends. When the metal strip passes through the roll forming machine, each set of rolls is more likely to bend metal than the previous roll.

This progressive method of bending the metal ensures the correct cross-sectional structure while maintaining the cross-sectional area of the workpiece. Typically running at speeds of 30 to 600 feet per minute, roll forming machines are a good choice for making large parts or very long parts.

Roller forming machines also facilitate the manufacture of precision parts, requiring little if any finishing work. In most cases, depending on the shape of the material, the final product is characterized by excellent finish and very fine detail. Yingkou Changsheng Steel Structure Project Company Ltd. was founded in 2003. We have a much experience in producing superior roll forming machinery with great efficiency and highly accuracy is your better choice with more than 20 years of experience. Our experience in machine building enables us to offer reliable cold roll forming machine with the greatest efficiency and exceptional accuracy. We produce a wide variety of products, such as our K span roll forming machine, including arch roof forming machine, prefabricated steel buildings, and no-girder automatic building machines, special metal forming equipment, and auxiliary equipment and products. Additionally, we offer OEM services.

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