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SX-1000-550 Advanced Super Ultimate Building Machine


Advanced Super Ultimate Building Machine
The SX-1000-550 advanced super ultimate building machine has several advantages over other equipment that has the same performance. Easily to take to the construction site, it is broadly used in many countries to facilitate the process of making metal building with several purposes like vegetables shades, storehouses, hangars and corporate, industrial or private buildings. It works at 40% - 60% of the cost of other methods saving time and money. Also, this building system with the advanced super ultimate building machine takes care of the environment when there is no use of bricks, concrete or wood.

Using superior technology, Sanxing Machinery has developed the fastest and convenient advanced super ultimate building machine to bend, form and cut steel on the worksite within minutes. Curving panels with its on-board microprocessor, joining them together with a patented seaming tool and lift them in prepared foundations is a prompt and cheaper process to build constructions. They are ready now to the final touch placing hangers for lights, sprinkles, ducks and everything else is needed.

The advanced super ultimate building machine is practical equipment in expeditionary operations, disaster areas or industrial sites. These types of constructions are also useful when they are temporary shelters, they need to be moved from different working sites or while another building is ready.

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