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The Straightening Principle Of Roll Forming Machine

Update:16 Nov 2018

When the roll forming machine is straightening, the pro […]

When the roll forming machine is straightening, the profile will move from top to bottom, left and right, and the gap between the straightening mechanism and the profile is very loose. The vertical and horizontal appearance of the straightening mechanism and the profile can have a certain gap and clearance. The size is between 0.25 and 1.25 mm. If the straightening twist is deformed, the gap can be smaller.


When the profile is straightened, it is not possible to make contact with the appearance of the profile and the straightening mechanism. However, in the part where the profile is bent and deformed, the contact with the straightening mechanism is very important, and it is necessary to prevent the deformation of the profile. In case, the arc radius of the contour of the straightening mechanism should match the arc of the section of the profile.


For profiles with disadvantages such as side bends and warpage, sufficient pressure is applied in the opposite direction by the straightening mechanism, causing it to deform for a long time, if the amount of deformation in the opposite direction is appropriate, after the rebound, The profile can be completely straightened. If the profiled profile is twisted and bent in one direction, then the straightening machine must rotate the profile in the opposite direction, resulting in long-term plastic deformation, if the angle of rotation is appropriate. After the rebound, the profile will not be distorted, which is the main principle of straightening the roll forming machine.

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