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The Operation Details of Roll Forming Machine(Kspan-ubm)

Update:02 Nov 2018

Generally, we operate the K Span Machine in the followi […]

Generally, we operate the K Span Machine in the following steps. Kspan now will introduce the operation details of the ABM 120 roll forming machine. The oil pump switch is used to control the start and stop of the oil pump. Before running, please open the oil pump to provide pressure to the hydraulic system. After the oil pump is running, pay attention to whether the oil pump running direction should be consistent with the direction of the arrow. If they are inconsistent, please change the three-phase power of the oil pump motor to each other.

The undercut and return buttons control the operation of the cutter. If pressing the cut and return buttons is invalid, generally consider whether the hydraulic oil level of the hydraulic tank is too low, and the hydraulic oil should be added to the no tank. In addition, during the cutting and returning process of the cutter, the limit switch operation in front of the cutter will stop automatically.

Forward and reverse are controlled by the inverter to run the inverter forward and backward. The speed can be controlled by the high speed/low speed switch on the panel. Always place the speed switch at high speed during automatic operation. Manually put the color steel coil into the equipment. Manually press the forward button on the top of the control box. This is when the device starts running. When the plate comes out of the cutter, stop pressing the forward button, press the cutter to lower, and cut off the exposed part. This is the knife. Enter the number of meters to be processed on the display, the number of sheets, adjust the control to the upper side, press the start button, the device starts automatic plate. When each plate is cut off, it is necessary to manually remove the plate and cut the knife edge.

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