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The Main Advantages of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Update:06 Mar 2018

At present, China's residential still brick and concret […]

At present, China's residential still brick and concrete structures and reinforced concrete frame-based, China's steel building residential industrial system has just begun. With the development of housing industry, many advantages of light Prefabricated Steel Buildings (that from provide a stage for light steel structure housing.

Light weight, good seismic performance. Ductile steel, can better consume the energy of the earthquake, so the seismic performance, high structural safety. Material homogeneity and isotropy are ideal elastomers, most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; light steel structure light weight, the same floor area of the building floor, light steel structure, high utilization of space in residential space. In space usage. Steel section of the small, compared with the reinforced concrete structure can increase the building effective area of about 8%. Steel architectural style is also more flexible and rich, multi-program indoor space can be divided to meet the needs of different users.

Construction is convenient, short construction period. Prefabricated Steel Buildings components, workers can practice wide production, on-site installation. Due to the small amount of on-site work, less pollution to the surrounding environment, at the same time, construction mechanization is high, speeding up the construction speed. According to statistics, the same area of buildings, steel structure than the concrete construction period can be shortened by 1/3, and can save mold material.

Comprehensive low cost, light weight, lower base costs, the overall use of materials to reduce the direct cost reduction, the construction period is short, indirect costs can be reduced, so the overall cost is low.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Light steel structure has a high degree of industrialization and is suitable for mass production in factories. It integrates the advanced products such as energy saving, waterproofing, heat insulation, windows and doors, and other complete sets of products. The design, production, construction and integration will improve the level of residential industrialization . After scrapped, the steel can be recycled. The steel structure is a green building and is a new form of building adapted to our human sustainable development strategy.


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