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The Advantages of Steel Structure Building

Update:15 Mar 2018

The steel structure building is a steel post + steel be […]

The steel structure building is a steel post + steel beam structure. Because the strength of steel structures building is significantly higher than that of concrete, the cross sections of frame columns and beams are greatly reduced, the amount of concrete and steel bars is greatly reduced, and the main reason is that the weight of the main body of the structure is greatly reduced, and the weight of the main body is calculated roughly (columns and beams). ) can be reduced by about 30%, which will greatly reduce the pressure on the foundation, reduce the amount of earth borrowed from the foundation construction excavation, and damage to the land resources is small and can substantially reduce the basic cost (in super high-rise buildings, the basic cost can reach the entire building One-third of the cost.)

The steel boring column improves the bearing capacity of the frame column, thins the steel plate thickness of the column, and at the same time, improves the rigidity of the column and the corresponding lateral stiffness of the structure, and helps to improve the fire resistance of the column. The strength of the steel structure building is obviously higher than that of the concrete, which makes it easier to obtain a large space and improve the utilization rate of the interior space. In the room where the building space is slightly larger, there are concrete columns with large sections, which affects the appearance and use. The steel structure building is smaller than the cross-sectional area of the main structural part of the steel truss structure (the initial frame of this project has a 1/6 smaller column cross section, and the beam height is 150~200), enabling the owner to obtain a larger use area under the same circumstances; The area will be expanded by 5%-10%.

The construction speed of steel structures is fast. Comprehensive consideration is given to factors such as manufacturing cycle, installation cycle, material fees, and management fees, and the cost has an economic advantage over projects with long construction periods. Because the steel structure is a large-scale production of the factory and the machining accuracy is high, it is conducive to on-site construction accuracy control. Its error control is controlled by “mm”; and the concrete construction accuracy is controlled by “cm”. The steel structure can be dry construction, save water, occupy less land, produce less noise and less dust, and the building shape easily meets diversified requirements, which is conducive to exterior wall decoration.

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