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Several Aspects When Feeding and Receiving Materials OF K Span Roll Forming Machine

Update:19 Sep 2018

The first thing to pay attention to when the Changsheng […]

The first thing to pay attention to when the Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine is in the feeding operation is that the flat color steel plate should be aligned with the pressure roller of the roll forming machine. The two layers need to be aligned and ensure that they will not be displaced. When the mechanical device is opened, we can hold the color steel plate by hand and end the task of pushing into the pressing machine. Once the color steel plate is found to be obstructed or may not be able to enter, the mechanical equipment should be shut down in time, and then the color steel plate is adjusted smoothly and then operated according to the original process. Don't use your hands to pick them up when you receive them, let them fall off automatically and then take them back by hand. If you don't end the press, we will use the handcuffs to cause the color plates in the back to have different shapes. If it is small, it will be lost.

Cold-bending Changsheng Roll Forming Machine plays a very important part in the whole equipment industry. It is a relatively important industry in China. It plays a very important role in both strategic and basic aspects. The production capacity of cold-formed forming equipment can directly affect the level of development in China's manufacturing industry.

The roll forming machine boom is fixed on the floor with the explosion bolt, that is, after the hanger is installed, the U-shaped main keel is connected with the boom with the U-shaped keel hanger, and the T-shaped keel pendant is used for the T-type. The longitudinal keel is connected to the U-shaped main keel. Power on the machine to test the car, first observe the empty car operation, whether there is vibration, noise, whether the oil window comes to the oil, whether the movement of each component is coordinated, the mold can be installed after everything is normal, and the power must be cut off when the mold is installed.

The double-layer color steel tile equipment manually moves the motor belt or the large gear, and connects the T-shaped main keel with the T-shaped keel hanging piece. If the T-shaped keel needs to be connected, the table is indexed and the sliding seat is raised to the highest point. Preferably, an object is supported between the workbench and the bottom surface of the sliding seat, and the interface is fixed by a T-shaped keel connector. The secondary keel and the main keel are connected without a fitting, if the ceiling has an additional load or If it is a large ceiling, it needs a U-shaped load keel to cause the accident to fall due to the natural fall of the non-slip seat.

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