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Safety Operation Procedure for K Span Roll Forming Machine

Update:10 Apr 2018

Safety is an important question in our daily life, and […]

Safety is an important question in our daily life, and there is no exception in industry. As for the operation of Roll Forming Machine is vital. The following article will introduce some tips on how to operate roll forming machine correctly.

For the first part, the operator must be trained. After the operator has experienced the training and acquired right technical, the operator has passed the exam and he can operator the roll forming machine.

The power supply must be checked before starting the machine. Whether the phase line number, voltage and wiring correct or not. Are wires and switches in good condition? Whether the motor and the whole machine have ground wire, it is better to have leakage switch control.

Apply proper lubricating grease to the gear and bearing face before use, but do not apply oil on the roller of the work (it will make the workpiece slip). All safety shields must be in good condition. And then step on the switch, turn left, turn right.

The thickness of the workpiece must be checked before making the feed (not exceeding the thickness of the machine)! The clearance should be adjusted between the upper and lower wheels according to the plate. The width of plate forklift should be adjusted according to the need. It is forbidden to overlap and process the plates. Avoid long periods of heavy load, high temperature, and overload.

The thickness of the processing sheet shall not exceed 1mm. Remove the iron dust and sand particles on the roller and fuselage in time, keep clean, operate range and no other objects around the body. Maintenance and maintenance should be maintained on time in the use cycle. Power supply must be cut off for a long time.

All in all, right and suitable operation let the machine can me used for a long time, which can reduce lots of other worries during the works.

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