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Roll K Span Forming Machine Brings Economic Benefits

Update:06 Jul 2018

The rolling forming process is mainly to roll plastic m […]

The rolling forming process is mainly to roll plastic materials into shafts, valve cores and special fasteners of various complicated shapes. The rolling deformation is a line contact, continuous stepping, the required deformation force is small, and one stroke can produce one or more parts. Compared with cutting and grinding technology, the rolling forming technology not only has high production efficiency, saves materials, but also has high strength and stable quality. This process is particularly suitable for the processing of difficult and difficult to cut workpieces, especially for high-volume products with an annual output of millions of pieces, the most profitable rolling process, and the most significant economic benefits.

The rolling method uses a series of methods to roll stainless steel into a complex shape. After a series of continuous sheets, a predetermined process of continuous deformation and close shape is achieved. The roll shape of each frame continually deforms the metal until the desired final shape is obtained. If the part is a complex shape, up to 36 racks can be used, but simple parts, 3 or 4 racks are fine. It is most economical to use roll forming technology to produce a large number of long parts. The shape of the machined part ranges from simple to complex, closed parts.

In general, the use of the roll forming process is economical, only in the case of production speeds exceeding 30,000 meters, due to high mold costs and high installation costs. However, it is currently unclear how to use carbon steel profiles to produce stainless steel with a roll mill. In this case, care must be taken to avoid surface contamination or scratches, and the equipment still needs to maintain a cold work hardening and a high rebound margin.

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