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Roll Forming Machine Should Meet the Market Demands

Update:10 May 2018

Changsheng Forming Machine adopts a high level of autom […]

Changsheng Forming Machine adopts a high level of automation control software to realize the information management of production. The entire unit's automatic control system adopts a highly integrated network, which makes the performance of the automation system more superior, and the color steel pressure tile equipment also has operations, maintenance, and mechanical debugging, mold replacement simple and quick advantages.

The demand for color roll forming machine mainly focuses on relatively high-end products such as medium and large-sized and heavy-duty equipment. In order to meet the market demand, the R&D and innovation capabilities of roll forming machine enterprises have been greatly improved, and the product structure has been further improved. Optimization, market competitiveness to further enhance, from the market share, the domestic share of China's color roll forming machine market share of more than 50% to reach 57.4%.

At the same time, we provide guidance to users, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance. The overall hoisting method for the installation of the roll forming machine. The integral hoisting method refers to the construction method of hoisting the grid in place with a lifting device after the grid has been put together on the ground. The welding and splicing of the entire grid is carried out on the ground, and it is easy to guarantee the construction quality. Since the entire grid is in place solely by lifting equipment, the lifting equipment's ability and control of lifting movements are particularly important.

The overall hoisting method of the roll forming machine factory is suitable for all types of grids when the site and lifting equipment allow it. The focus of construction is the control of the synchronized rise of the grid and the control of the displacement of the grid in the air. Pressing machine roller can not effectively support the profile, then when entering the side of the straightening mechanism, the entire profile cross section must be supported, and when asymmetrical straightening is performed, torsional deformation may occur during straightening. In this case bending and torsional straightening are required in the opposite direction of the deformation of the profile. Glazed tile equipment implementation part of the inverted drive motor.

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