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Roll Forming Machine Several Points of the Operation Method

Update:17 May 2018

Chagnsheng Roll Forming Machine features and use. Espec […]

Chagnsheng Roll Forming Machine features and use. Especially the computer control system, the motor and the gearbox and other matching center skills. The major accessories production companies have their own patented products, beautiful and novel, it is a weapon to win the victory. The use of cold-press molding methods to produce large-scale exceptional c / z.

Some of its components include: machine, plc computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, fully active after-shear system equipment characteristics: the color roll forming machine used a high level of initiative Control software. The products produced by the current production are flat, beautiful, uniform in paint, high in strength, and durable; the strength is big, making the automatic system more superior. Color roll forming machine-the installation of color plates is easier to master.

The handling of some details is more important. For color boards for roofing, the coloring boards should be carried out on the roof and eaves. The purpose is to prevent rainwater from entering the roof more effectively. Where the roofing panels are at the ridges, the roofing tools can be used to lift the chassis between the ribs at the end of the steel panel.

Users pay attention to the quality of tile presses, only the noble quality, there is the user's satisfaction, has been the price of tile press is not very expensive, when you buy can not just look at the price, we must pay attention to quality issues. Our company has always been aiming at "high-quality products and first-class service".

In terms of quality management, the K Span Machine has established a complete quality assurance system and strictly controls the quality. Each product is processed from parts and components to the appearance of products. Throughout the entire process, the quality records of product standards were strictly followed, thus eliminating the production of substandard products and ensuring product quality.

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