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Roll Forming Machine Pressed Color Steel Tiles

Update:08 Nov 2018

With the popularization and application of roll forming […]

With the popularization and application of roll forming machine many large industrial and mining plants, warehouses, steel roof trusses and large equipment are now using roll forming machine, or color steel plates, or even glass-type color steel equipment, making my life. The exterior of the building is more colorful, beautiful and tidy. These roll forming machines are formed by pressing through press equipment. The color steel plate enters the roll forming machine, and is pressed into various kinds of plates through various pressing rolls, and then cut into a suitable plate which can be used.

Adding engineering: The roll forming machine is divided into three parts: the roller pressing part, the pressing part, and the cutting part. The roller shaft is powered by the motor, the chain drives the rollers to rotate with each other, and the different force is applied. The pressing portion moves the mold up and down in the hydraulic cylinder, so that the color steel plate can be pressed out in a regular shape, shaped like a tile, and then Under the action of the shearing knife, it is cut into the appropriate size according to the requirements. In this process, the PLC electric control box is used to complete the control of this pressing type, dragging and cutting. The high speed and precision are realized.

The color metal profiled steel plate series pressed by the color steel tile roll forming machine equipment is a variety of wave shape molding plates which are formed by rolling cold bending of color coated steel plates. Including color profiled steel plate, colored curved steel plate, color plate wave tile, color steel plate ceiling plate and so on. Color profiled steel plate equipment: suitable for industrial and civil construction, warehouse, maintenance structure and decoration of large-span steel structure houses. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, long service life, maintenance-free and convenient construction.

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