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Roll Forming Machine also Need Regular and Careful Maintenance

Update:31 May 2018

How to use the roll Forming Machine before it can be us […]

How to use the roll Forming Machine before it can be used for a long time, the first thing to do is to keep the manual of the roll forming machine maintenance manual. To make every day what should be done to the benefit of the tile press, we should stick to it every day.

Firstly, the surface of the K Span Machine should be cleaned. The upper die punching process: the motor passes the pulley, drives the input shaft, and drives the upper shaft via the pinion gear and the large gear. The sliding seat with the upper mold is driven by a set of cam mechanisms. Move up and down to achieve pressure.

The table is indexed by a gear set mounted on the end of the upper shaft, which drives the dial gear and dials the sheave mounted on the six-axis runner shaft to achieve indexing positioning. Each end of the upper shaft is equipped with a the return cam, which is conjugated with the pressing cam on the same shaft, realizes the precise positioning of the lower die in the working position through the positioning rod and the positioning plate. In the right and left sides of the chassis, a lubrication pump is installed. When the machine passes, the oil pipe transports the lubricating oil to the frictional movement parts. Persons who understand the structure and performance of the machine and its operating procedures must not start the machine.

It is strictly forbidden to work beyond the minimum closing height, that is, the minimum distance from the bottom of the sliding box to the working surface is 290mm. The height of the upper and lower molds must be added. The thickness of the upper and lower gaskets plus the thickness of the blanks must not exceed 290mm. The design should be designed according to this requirement to avoid machine accidents. Always pay attention to the height of the lubricating oil in the sliding box body and both sides. The equipment should be wiped regularly and kept clean. No muddy water is allowed.

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