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Prefabricated Steel Building Machine Is A New Type Of Construction Machinery

Update:10 Aug 2018

Steel structures are structures made of steel and are o […]

Steel structures are structures made of steel and are one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel trusses made of steel plates, steel columns, steel plates and steel plates, and adopts anti-rust and anti-rust processes such as silanization, pure manganese phosphating, water washing, drying, and galvanizing. Welds, bolts or rivets are often used to connect components or components. Due to its light weight and simple structure, it is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings and other fields.

Changsheng Prefabricated Steel Structure Building is a new type of construction machinery with industry boundaries between real estate, construction and metallurgy. The use of existing steel structures on high-rise buildings has become increasingly mature and has gradually become a mainstream construction process. Advantages 1. Significantly save construction time, construction is not affected by the season; 2. Increase the use of living space, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution; 3. Building materials can be reused to promote the development of other new building materials industry; Performance Well, it is easy to modify, flexible and convenient, giving a sense of comfort. Disadvantages Due to the non-renewable land resources, the Ministry of Construction has ordered the ban on the use of traditional clay bricks.

At the same time, China's steel output has reached 170 million tons. The situation of severe oversupply has forced steel companies to adopt different methods to introduce mature foreign steel structure residential building systems. At the same time, it has found a new direction for the construction industry and the steel industry. As a result, steel mills and building materials companies are at the forefront of steel frame houses. Prefabrication and assembly of steel components on steel platforms in accordance with the installation sequence and process requirements shall ensure weld quality. The distance between the steel splice flange joint and the web joint should be greater than 200 mm.

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