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Precautions of the K Span Machine

Update:05 Jun 2018

The basic roll forming machine has a production line th […]

The basic roll forming machine has a production line that can be divided into four main parts. The first part is the entry part of the loading material. The material is usually inserted in sheet form or fed by a continuous coil. The next section, the standing roll, is where the actual roll is formed, where the work station is located, and the shape of the metal formed during the whole process. The station roll not only shapes the metal, but also is the main driving force of the K Span Roll Forming Machine.

The next part of the basic roll forming machine is the cutting press, in which the metal is cut into a predetermined length. Because of the speed of the machine and the fact that the machine works continuously, flying die cutting technology is not rare. The last part is the exit station. The finished part is exported from the machine to the roller conveyor or working platform and then moved manually.

Roll forming machine will inevitably cause some problems in the production process, the most common problem is the color steel plate deviation, once the deviation will affect the mechanical production efficiency and product qualification rate, so we must understand how to correct these mistakes, after a long period of research and exploration, we have come up with a way to adjust this problem: If the equipment board runs to the right, you need to use iron blocks to the left corner, or the right roller Flat, the first few axis deviation to flatten the first few axes, the above roller should be consistent with the following roller, if the above is flat, the following should also be flat, uniform and symmetrical roller can not be changed.

If it is not enough, first adjust the four corners of the front and rear rows of the color steel tile presser from the big frame to the same height at the upper end of the shaft, and then from the first row to the last row, find a line. Straighten, check if the lower axis is on a horizontal line and adjust the left and right sides of the lower axis to level. The first row and the last row of the color steel tile equipment find a good point of symmetry, and then tighten the two sides to lock the mother, pull a straight line before and after the center of the middle wheel, and adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. Changsheng Roll Forming Machine can be adjusted along a straight line.

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