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Precautions For Electricity Consumption In The Tile K Span Machine

Update:03 Aug 2018

For electricians, you must understand the type of equip […]

For electricians, you must understand the type of equipment in the workshop and the type and performance of the equipment. The performance of the equipment is not well understood and cannot be used with risk. The electrician should set the time to check the condition of the motor and the electric control console. If you check the situation, you must handle it quickly. When checking the motor power, first check that there is no electricity, and then check according to the back of the hand.

In addition to the temporary construction of the electricity and measures, you can not temporarily build a line, can not hang lights, tools and welding equipment, etc. use a smooth socket, the previous line can not be arbitrarily changed. According to the scheduled inspection and care of his products, the electrical product lines that are not used should be completely removed.

In the production process, the pressure tile K Span Machine equipment will inevitably have such problems or the like. The most common problem is the deviation of the color steel plate. Once the deviation occurs, it will affect the production efficiency of the machine and the product qualification rate. Therefore, we must understand How to correct these mistakes, after a long period of research and exploration, we have come up with a way to adjust this problem: if the equipment board runs to the right, you need to use the iron pad to the left corner, or the right roller Flat, the first few axes are flattened to flatten the first few axes. The upper roller should be consistent with the lower roller. If the upper surface is flattened, the lower one should also be flattened. The uniformly symmetrical roller cannot be changed. If it still doesn't work, first adjust the four corners of the front and rear rows of the color steel tile presser from the big frame to the height of the upper end of the shaft, and then find a line from the first row to the last row. Straighten, check if the lower shaft is on a horizontal line, and adjust the left and right sides of the lower shaft to level. Find the symmetry point in the first row and the last row of the color steel tile equipment, then fasten the locks on both sides, pull a straight line in front of and behind the center of the middle runner, and adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. The machine can be adjusted in a straight line. In fact, the remedy for the deviation of the board is that we need to produce and test it for a long time. Different directions of reversal have different remedies, but one thing to note is that both the mechanical roller and other parts need to be aligned on both sides, only two sides. Alignment can maintain symmetry, and the shape of the product will be regular.

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