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Pay Attention to Protecting the K Span Roll Forming Machine

Update:17 Aug 2018

The material of the K Span Roll Forming Machine itself […]

The material of the K Span Roll Forming Machine itself has strong corrosion resistance, and even direct surface contact has no chemical reaction. Therefore, the material of the roll forming machine is more suitable for special environments such as beaches and chemical plants.

Changsheng pressure Roll Forming Machine material features:

1. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life

2. The performance of silencer and heat insulation is especially outstanding. The thermal insulation performance of the 2.2mm thick Fanmei fluoroplastic panel is 2200 times that of the 0.5mm thick steel tile.

Practice verification: the industrial plant using color steel roll forming machine (not insulated) the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is about 2 C.

3. Anti-seismic level seven, resistance to wind 12;

4. Low installation cost The installation of the color steel molding machine does not need to reserve the telescopic hole, and the direct drilling is fixed, which is convenient and quick. No follow-up maintenance costs.

The equipment of the pressing machine includes: the whole machine, the PLC computer control system, the special shearing system, the bottom wheel of the professional hydraulic system pressing machine often draws paint, which is a common problem in the use of each customer, and this problem occurs. The main reasons are as follows:

1, mainly related to the previous debugging.

2, Another reason will also lead to the situation of the bottom wheel painting, that is the problem of the bottom wheel.

3, it may be affected by some extra things. Imagine that there are some unrelated things shaking around the high-speed running bottom wheel. How can it not be a problem?

4, On the other hand, the distance between the wheel and the wheel is too narrow to cause excessive friction.

5. After some equipment has been running for a long time, the bottom wheel of the double-layer roll forming machine will loosen and shake back and forth, which is the result of the deviation.

In fact, as long as you pay attention to protecting the equipment during use, you can reduce the probability of occurrence of problems and avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

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