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Update:13 Feb 2018

Changsheng Steel Structure Building is used to produce […]

Changsheng Steel Structure Building is used to produce truss machinery, you may not know what is the trussless hangar, this article will simply tell.

Truss has the advantages of light structure, good rigidity, saving of steel, and giving full play to material strength. The most important thing is the beautiful appearance of the tube truss structure, to facilitate the shape of a certain decorative effect. The pipe truss has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient fabrication and installation, good structural stability, large roof rigidity and good economic effect.

Truss is a small truss, all of the international standard high-quality aviation special industrial aluminum 6082-T6 special welded after welding, welding technology have reached international standards, and after the load-bearing force test to ensure product quality and hoisting safety load. The product has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and strong anti-pressure. The connection method adopts quick-type latch connection, and the materials and labor required to be manufactured and installed are minimized under the premise of meeting the use requirements.

Pipe truss processing refers to the rod connected to each other at the end of the lattice structure, the pipe truss refers to the structure of the rod are cylindrical rod. Most of the truss members are only subject to axial tension or pressure stress distribution in the cross-section, which is easy to play the role of materials, these features make the truss structure of the material economy, the structure of small weight. As the truss structure of the rod and the rod between the intersecting line type intersects the rod end section of the cross-section shape is more complex, so the actual cutting in the general mechanical automatic cutting and manual cutting two ways Processing.

In the construction of pipe trusses staff must pay more attention to changes in the size of the truss cross-section, because the size of the whole building will affect the internal stress, which will have some impact on the building as a whole.

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