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Kspan Tells You Long-term Use for roll forming machine

Update:04 Jul 2018

How to use roll K Span Forming Machine for long-term us […]

How to use roll K Span Forming Machine for long-term use, the first thing we have to do is to put the roll forming machine protection manual in mind. If you have the advantage of pressing the roll forming machine every day, we will probably stick to it every day. Firstly, the appearance of the tile press should be cleaned. The upper die stamping process of the machine is carried out by the pulley, the input shaft of the strand, the pinion, the large gear, the upper shaft of the strand, and the upper die is driven by a set of cams. The sliding seat moves up and down to complete the pressing tile.

The indexing of the workbench is carried out by the gear set mounted on the upper end of the shaft, the drive pin gear, and the groove wheel mounted on the hexagonal wheel shaft to complete the indexing positioning, and one of the two ends of the upper shaft is mounted and mounted. The return cam conjugated with the limiting cam on the same axis, through the positioning rod and the positioning plate, completes the accurate positioning of the lower mold in the working orientation. In the left and right sides of the chassis, the device has a smooth pump, which passes through the machine during operation, and the oil pipe transports smooth oil to the conflicting moving parts. Those who know the layout and performance of the machine and the operating procedures must not start the machine.

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