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kspan Should Seize the Opportunity of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Update:27 Jun 2018

The working efficiency of a crushing equipment depends […]

The working efficiency of a crushing equipment depends on how they work. Their working principles are closely related to the mechanism of material crushing. Therefore, systematic research on Mechanism of grinding material and comprehensive description of working condition of grinding equipment is necessary, so as to use certain equipment by crushing the materials mechanism to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.

It is necessary to carry out the following research work. The physical process of crushing; the study of the crushing of single particles; the study on the crushing of layers of material the working condition and optimal control of the crushing equipment. The material particles are deformed by the mechanical force exerted by the crushing machinery and then fractured. It is a physical process to change the particle size from large to small. The application of single particle crushing and layer crushing can reveal the internal relationship of the process.

Changsheng Roll Forming Machine for sheet steel includes a frame, a top roll, a bottom roll, and a guide rail. A bottom roll, a guide rail, and a top roll that can move on the frame are mounted on the frame. The guide rail is mounted on the guide rail. The moving positioning block, positioning block and front cover mounted on the bottom roller are connected. One end of the top roller and the bottom roller is provided with a roller locking device.

The top roller is provided with top roller adjusting bolts and pressure nuts. When using, raise the top roller, adjust the front baffle to the required position through the positioning block, place the processed steel plate between the two rollers, adjust the pressure nut, press the steel plate to the desired shape, and then lock the roller. Lock the device and start the device to produce it. When replacing the mold, raise the top roller, place the mold on the roller, and then lower the roller, adjust the distance between the two rollers to the desired distance, and lock the roller locking device. The utility model has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, easy manufacture and convenient mold replacement.

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