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Kspan Produces A Wide Range of Roll Forming Machine with High Quality

Update:20 Jun 2018

Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine lines can be con […]

Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine lines can be configured in a variety of configurations to stamp and cut components in continuous operation. To cut the part into lengths, the lines can be set to use pre-cut dies, where a single blank passes through the roller mill, or after the roll forming process the rear cutting die of the profile is cut off. By punching holes in a roll forming line, features can be added in hole, notch, embossed or cut form. These part features can be accomplished in pre-flush applications (before starting roll forming), mid-line punching applications (in the middle of roll forming lines/processes), or post-pressing applications (after roll forming is completed). Some roll forming lines contain only one of the above-described stamping or cutting applications, others combine some or all of the applications into a single production line.

Kspan-ubm is considered to be one of the leading product suppliers. We produce a wide range of products with high quality, high efficiency and high accuracy. Our products have met the requirements of the industry for decades, our production equipment and capacity have been improved, and we have qualified managers, engineers and technicians.

The quality and long - term characteristics of our Chinese products are praiseworthy and received by our customers in different markets. Our product line is most suitable for customers, because the products we provide meet their various needs. We also provide customized solutions according to customers' requirements to really help our company build close relationships with customers. We guarantee a reduction in our service costs.

Changsheng Roll Forming Machine will inevitably cause some problems in the production process, the most common problem is the color steel plate deviation, once the deviation will affect the mechanical production efficiency and product qualification rate, so we must understand How to correct these mistakes, after a long period of research and exploration, we have come up with a way to adjust this problem.

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