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KR18 Roof Panel Machine Supplier - Kspan-ubm Brief Introduction

Update:15 Oct 2018

Kspan-ubm is active worldwide in Forming Machine. The c […]

Kspan-ubm is active worldwide in Forming Machine. The company develops, produces and sells innovative products and services.

Kspan-ubm has been providing forming machine equipmentz: K Span Machine, ABM 120, Standing Seamed Roof Panel Machine, KR18 Roof Panel Machine, etc.

Changsheng KR18 Roof Panel Machine is a kind of metal roof forming equipment, mainly used to process roll forming steel into steel roof. Our KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine has many advantages such as fast forming speed and easy manipulation. The forming motor power reaches 5.5kW, and the forming speed can range from 8 to 15m/min, so it has high efficiency. Meanwhile, the KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine entirely adopts PLC system.

Due to its self-compile function on production process, the great scalability can ensure every customer’s needs met. The full touch screen UI is user-friendly and instinctive, thus cutting out the unnecessary steps to save your time and increase the efficiency. The 12 steps of forming rollers are all controlled by the internal microcomputer, which also helps to save your human resources.

Changsheng is a China-based KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine manufacturer and supplier. We also offer sandwich panel production line, spiral steel silo forming machine, K type arch span forming machine, and more.

At Changsheng (Kspan-ubm) , good quality is our primary concern. As a result of our efforts, we are ISO9001-2000 quality management system certified and CE certified. In the production process, we strictly adhere to set quality control standards, which ensures the premium quality of our roll forming machines. Changsheng products have gained popularity at home and abroad, and we now export to many countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kuwait, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

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