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K Span Roll Forming Machine Is Suitable for Producing Various Products

Update:27 Jul 2018

Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine has entered Chin […]

Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine has entered China for 20 years. Although the technology has been continuously updated, the total can be divided into three types: extrusion molding equipment: high output, fast speed, but high investment, after molding spraying with a color sprayer, the brightness is poor, only the surface layer of color can not be attached to the tile surface separately, but must be mixed with expensive adhesives, the cost of color tile is too high; K Span Roll Forming Machine : due to the rolling shape production shape.

The quality is not high has gradually faded out of the market; molded color steel equipment: currently the most advanced color steel equipment models, most of the machines are using Mitsubishi PLC control system, mainly hand touch screen and digital display, mold made of special steel, it has long service life and long service life. The K Span Roll Forming Machine is equipped with reinforced pressure head and universal pressure plate. It can easily replace different main tile molds and special-shaped tile molds. Color steel equipment is suitable for producing various types of cement tiles and road bricks.

The first and second generations of "automatic molded color tile equipment" use "swing cylinder drive slide table", "swing cylinder" belongs to "moulded color tile equipment" which is "very vulnerable" accessory, if molding speed too fast, resulting in large sliding force of the sliding table, the buffer is easy to vibrate, resulting in cracks in the tile, which is the "disease" in the first and second generation of tile equipment. Therefore, the molding speed is up to 6 pieces per minute. The "guided four-column molded color steel equipment" uses the "built-in straight cylinder" slide drive to adopt intelligent hydraulic buffer technology. The hydraulic buffer of the sliding table can be adjusted freely, which makes the sliding table of color steel equipment run smoothly, safely and reliably.

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