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K Span Roll Forming Machine Installation Details

Update:07 Aug 2018

Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine used in the tile […]

Changsheng K Span Roll Forming Machine used in the tile machine requires an upper die and six lower die of the same size. The upper die and one lower die are installed first. The lower die is directly mounted on the hexagonal runner table, and the upper die is mounted on the bottom surface of the slider. And placing a suitable thickness of the backing plate to ensure that the four peripheral gaps are even after the upper and lower roll forming machines are closed, and the distance between the upper and lower roll forming machines is equal to the thickness of the required blank.

Then the upper Roll Forming Machine is prevailed, the workbench is indexed, and the remaining five lower roll forming machines are installed. After all the upper and lower roll forming machines are installed, the brake can be driven. The blanking machine equipment is used to manually place the blank, and the blanking work procedure: before using the equipment, check whether the connection is firm, whether the mounting bolts and nuts are tightened, and the lubricating oil should be added to the left and right chassis to start the machine for commissioning. Car operation is carefully observed, whether there is vibration, noise, whether the oil window comes to the oil, whether the movement of each component is coordinated, and the roll forming machine can be installed after everything is normal. When installing the roll forming machine, the power must be cut off, and the motor belt or the large gear should be manually moved to make the work. The table is indexed and the slider is raised to the highest point. It is best to use an object to support between the workbench and the bottom surface of the slide to prevent the accident from falling naturally.

Features of the pressing machine: The equipment has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging, easy roll forming machine replacement, etc. The entire unit automation control system adopts a highly integrated network to make the automation system more superior; the equipment adopts high level automatic control. Software, realize production information management. During the process of color plate straightening produced by the pressing machine, the profile will move from top to bottom, left, and right, so that the gap between the straightening mechanism and the profile is relatively loose. There may be a certain gap between the straight mechanism and the upper, lower, left and right surfaces of the profile. The gap size is between 0.010-0.050 in (0.25-1.25 mm). If the torsion is straightened, the gap can be smaller.

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