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K Span Roll Forming Machine Innovation Are Greatly Needed

Update:22 Aug 2018

The position and role of the K Span Roll Forming Machin […]

The position and role of the K Span Roll Forming Machine in the national economy and national defense construction are very important. Its development determines the performance of electromechanical products. It not only can meet the necessary conditions for diversifying the functions of electromechanical products to the utmost extent, but also is the basic guarantee for completing major engineering projects and major technical equipments.

Changsheng Roll Forming Machine is also the guarantee for the reliability of mechanical and electrical products and major engineering projects and equipment. Therefore, the development of hydraulic transmission products is an indispensable means to achieve automation of production processes, especially industrial automation. Hydraulic technology has penetrated into many fields and has been widely applied and developed in the civil industry, in machine tools, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery, automobiles, ships and other industries, and has developed into transmission, control and inspection. A complete automated roll forming machine technology inside.

Since 2001, the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has started research projects on steel C-shaped steel machine housing. It has been more than five years since the current development of steel structure residential technology in China. What is the direction of China's steel structure residential technology development?

Through years of practice, people have clearly realized that the technical development of steel structure housing should do some applied basic research, and it is impossible to understand one-sidedly that steel structure housing is steel structure. The development of supporting parts must keep up. It is a systematic project with industrial nature and needs to be gradually developed and improved.

Enterprises are the mainstay of innovation . They are yearning for new technologies and yearning for industrialization. Scientific research departments must engage in technology development, integrate with enterprises, integrate into enterprises, and become technical support of enterprises. Such technological development can have vitality.

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