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Influencing Factors on Roll Forming Machine

Update:12 Jun 2018

It is a common problem for the roll Forming Machine pai […]

It is a common problem for the roll Forming Machine paint the plate in the production process. As is known to all, the painted board will affect its service life. Therefore, every manufacturer of roll forming machine is trying to reduce the phenomenon and degree of paint drawing. K Span Roll Forming Machine strictly control this effect.Strictly speaking, it seems impossible to completely eliminate the roll forming machine out of the plate paint. However, by studying and analyzing the factors that cause the varnishing machine to paint, it can help us to reduce the phenomenon of the varnishing machine to the greatest extent, so as to provide customers with better equipment. In the final analysis, the phenomenon of painting is mainly caused by pressure wheel. The analysis of influencing factors is as follows:

During processing and transportation, the pressure wheel will collide, and the damaged surface of the pressure wheel, especially the damaged surface of the Angle peak of the lower axial compression wheel, will be painted during the operation of the pressure wheel. This kind of scratch is characterized by short length of the scratch, poor continuity, but regular appearance of scratch.

During the plating process, the surface treatment of the pressure wheel is not in place, resulting in painting. To increase the surface hardness and durability of the pressure wheel. The pressing wheel of the roll forming machine must be electroplated. In the process of plating, if the polishing is not good or the current is too large, the surface smoothness of the pressure wheel will be reduced, and the protruding hard point will be the main culprit for the paint. This scratch is characterized by divergence of the scratch.

The surface of the pressure wheel is coated with sand dust. The equipment of the roll forming machine is mostly outdoor work. When idle, the dust can easily attach to the pressure wheel. When the equipment starts to operate, the dust will cause the paint to be scratched. This scratch is characterized by wide coverage and divergent scratches. But after working for a period of time, the resulting phenomenon will disappear automatically.

The above are the practical production and equipment commissioning of the baltou city loose positive pressure Roll Forming Machine summed up in the work of a few pile-press paint experience. Of course, there are many kinds of compressors, and the factors that influence the varnishing are not limited to this. How to minimize or even eliminate the phenomenon of the varnishing machine, the equipment designers, assemblers and actual operators need to further study.K Span Machine strive to be the best.

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