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How To Maintain The Cold K Span Roll Forming Machine?

Update:11 Jul 2018

Before using the CNC cold bending machine, first perfor […]

Before using the CNC cold bending machine, first perform a no-load trial to understand the various operating buttons and limiting techniques. Before using the CNC cold roll K Span Machine, check the lubrication of each component and refuel in time. Carefully understand the instruction manual of the CNC cold bending machine and use it in strict accordance with the instructions for use.

Use the CNC cold roll forming machine to clean up the residue in time to avoid affecting the use.

Do not place anything on the machine table and around the machine during operation to prevent accidents. If an abnormal situation is found during use, it must be stopped. After the fault is cleared, it can continue to run. During the operation, if it needs to be reversed, it must be stopped first, then reversed.

After the CNC cold roll forming machine runs for 50 hours, check and confine the bolts to loosen them. Replace the hydraulic oil after 100 hours of operation of the CNC cold bending machine (about 15 days). Replace the gear oil after the CNC cold bending machine runs for 200 hours. The CNC cold bending machine replaces the hydraulic oil and reduces the oil every year. CNC cold bending machine adds butter to the pressure shaft every shift.

The main drive side adopts tapered roller bearings to ensure that the radial runout of the main shaft is within 0.04MM, ensuring that the main shaft does not move. There is a gap in the ball bearing itself, and accurate transmission cannot be avoided in the axial movement.

The problem caused by bending is mainly caused by the imbalance of force. The imbalance of force, the left and right bending, the imbalance of the upper and lower forces, leading to distortion. Solution: design force balance, high processing precision, easy installation and debugging.

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