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How K Span Roll Forming Machine Works

Update:13 Apr 2018

Roll forming machine, for the most part, work in a cont […]

Roll forming machine, for the most part, work in a continuous cycle. The material is fed into the machine where it continuously makes its way through the stages of each operation, ending with the completion of a final product. A roll forming machine bends metal at room temperature using a number of stations where fixed rollers both guide the metal and make the necessary bends. As the strip of metal travels through the roll forming machine, each set of rollers bend the metal a little more than the previous station of rollers.

Roll forming machine also works in continuous cycles. Once the metal enters the machine, it will enter at every stage of the machine until the finished product is obtained. The process takes place at room temperature, and the final product almost does not need to be finished. Many metals are used for rolling, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.

This progressive method of bending metal ensures that the correct cross-sectional configuration is achieved, while maintaining the cross-sectional area of the work piece. Typically operating at speeds between 30 to 600 feet per minute, roll forming machines are a good choice for manufacturing large quantities of parts or very long pieces.

Roll forming machines are also good for creating precise parts that require very little, if any, finishing work. In most cases, depending upon the material being shaped, the end product features an excellent finish and very fine detail. is reckoned as one of the leading K Span Machine supplier, we produce a wide range of roll forming machine excellent quality product with greatest efficiency and exceptional accuracy. Our products conform to the various requirements of the industry from decades, we have upgraded our manufacturing equipment and capabilities of qualified managers, engineers as well as technicians.

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