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Feature of KR18 Roof Panel Machine

Update:29 Apr 2018

1.Strong & Light weight: Compared with ordinary cla […]

1.Strong & Light weight: Compared with ordinary clay tiles, metal roofing tiles are much stronger for the base is steel material. Meanwhile, it is very light, in common, clay weighs 6 times ofmetal tiles.

2.Environmentally friendly: No timber is used so no destruction to forests. Around 70% of contents are recyclable.

3.Heat resistant: Metal roofing tiles are resistant to house fires, research showed that a house can burn down leaving the metal tiles intact.

4.Cost effective: Simple installation method of interlocking tiles, labor is greatly saved. Long term effects of costs are avoided for lack of maintenance nature.

5.Color diversity: Product comes in a wide range of colors to suit your preference, unlike clay tiles which have standard colors due to the nature of the process used in manufacturing, Metal tiles can be availed in almost all colors.

There are many types of roll forming machines in kspan. In order to invest in the right KR18 Roof Panel Machine, do your research and take into account various factors such as cost and quality. In a competitive industry, you need a machine you can rely on and which can function at its maximum potential.

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