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Factors Affecting the Life of K Span Roll Forming Machine

Update:05 Sep 2018

The power and speed of the hydraulic and pneumatic devi […]

The power and speed of the hydraulic and pneumatic device of Roll Forming Machine. In the technical parameters of the tile machine, the power and speed of the rotor are related to the degree of impact hardening of the hydraulic rod, which in turn affects the service life of the hydraulic system. Therefore, we set the technical parameters within a certain range and cannot be too large or too small. The situation affects the life of roll forming machine.

The size of the internal clearance of roll forming machine. The gap between each hydraulic roller and the hydraulic rod should be kept uniform and consistent, and it should not be too close or too far. If the pressure is too high, the pressure of the product will be uneven, so this is also the need for us to pay attention. In the mechanical production of color steel tile pressing machine, glazed tile pressing machine, etc., these are often the case.

The material and quality of the hydraulic system. The material structure of the hydraulic shaft that manufactures the hydraulic system affects the mechanical properties after heat treatment. The rational and scientific casting process and heat treatment process are effective methods to solve the problem that the hydraulic shaft is easy to break when used. After the heat treatment, the raw materials are increased, and the overall increased raw material compactness and pressure resistance are used for long-term use. There is also no deformation or breakage.

Material fast reading and hardness. The blockiness and hardness of the material are directly proportional to the requirements of the material of roll Forming Machine. The use of suitable hydraulic rods for materials with different physical properties helps to extend its service life. In our production and manufacturing, we must have such problems as living. If you encounter problems, don’t panic. If you want to calmly judge, you should take care of it in the early stage of manufacturing and try to reduce the unfavorable factors that can occur. In the later use, it brings good results.

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