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Definition and Maintenance of Flat Latex Paint

Update:09 Mar 2018

Latex is a fluid or soluble mixture. After being coated […]

Latex is a fluid or soluble mixture. After being coated on the substrate, it can be converted into a thin layer of solid film, which can protect, decorate, mark or play special functions, such as hiding irregular surfaces, adjusting light or heat radiation properties. In general, people use a synthetic resin emulsion as a base material and water as a dispersion medium to add pigments, fillers (also called extender pigments) and auxiliaries. After a certain process, the paint is called a flat latex paint.

The main performance advantages of flat latex paint. Environmental protection: Water as a dispersion medium, without organic solvents, low odor. Safety: There is no danger of fire and explosion. Construction is convenient: it can be brushed, roller coated, sprayed, diluted with water, and easy to clean. Film drying fast, short construction interval Breathability, water resistance, durable

Latex paint is an indispensable material in the decoration process, which can not only play a role in protecting the surface of furniture and walls, but also give home rich connotation, adding a touch of bright color to the home. Therefore, the maintenance and care of flat latex paint has become a general concern of consumers.

Due to the flat latex paint surface distribution of many uniform particles, so easily adsorbed on the surface contaminants, in order to better remove stains, experts recommend direct dip cloth, gently wipe along the contamination, avoid dilution with water and hard spin scrub so that the "alkaline" and dirt into the surface of the paint to dry after the formation of "water yellow imprint", the Department of polluted wipe and then wipe it with a damp towel again. Due to the slow drying of the surface of the construction paint film in winter, it is best to dry the windows after the completion of construction and open the windows for ventilation to prevent local cracking of the walls.

In addition, when the wall is cracked due to impact and needs to be repaired, it is best to use putty paste and latex paint to fill it. This will ensure that there is no color difference in the bottom layer of the wall after drying, and then use a flat latex paint brush or light coating one or two times.

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