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CS-KSPAN Provides You High Efficiency and Accuracy Roll Forming Machine

Update:14 Jun 2018

K Span Machine are precisely designed. Various cross-se […]

K Span Machine are precisely designed. Various cross-section profiles can be produced, but each profile requires a carefully designed set of roll tools. The design of the roll begins with a pattern, a pattern cross section sequence, a profile of each roll stand. The contour is then derived from the pattern contour. Due to the high cost of complete sets of equipment, computer simulation is often used to develop or verify roll design and optimization of molding process, in order to minimize the number of stents in the final product and material stress.

Rolling parts may have an advantage over similar shape extrusion. Roll forming parts may be much lighter, may be thinner and stronger than during extrusion, and may harden in cold working conditions. Parts can be made or painted. In addition, roll forming process is faster and less energy consumption than extrusion

Yingkou ChangSheng Steel Structure Project Co., Ltd, founded in 2003, is a company specializing in the production of prefabricated steel structure building and lapping machine, forming machine, cold bending forming machine, cold bending forming machine professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Efficiency and high accuracy. For example, our products can produce steel pieces for roof and wall panels, and they are all environmentally friendly.

The company has a complete product quality monitoring system, and we have a mechanical performance testing room, from raw materials into the factory to product shipments, checks at every level to ensure the normal operation of each machine, and laid a solid foundation for our product reputation. But also has introduced advanced domestic CNC machining equipment for our customers to provide excellent products. The company has produced cold bending equipment for more than 20 years, with complete processing facilities and experienced personnel. The machinery fully meets industry standards. According to customer intent to customize shaped products.

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