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Comparison Between Steel Structure Building and Traditional Structural Building

Update:21 Mar 2018

It is conducive to industrialization and industrialized […]

It is conducive to industrialization and industrialized production: The steel structure residential system is composed of prefabricated components (frame pieces, meshes, etc.) and its matched shaped maintenance wallboards, doors, windows, partition walls, etc., thus satisfying the engineering stereotypes. Production, on-site assembly features.

Green buildings and energy-saving buildings: Environmental damage and pollution are low, and reconstruction and demolition are easy. Material recycling and recycling efficiency are high. Therefore, steel structure building meet the requirements of green buildings, and new materials are used in light-weight materials such as steel structural components and their supporting technologies (such as various lightweight wall panels), which are in line with the requirements of energy-saving buildings.

Improve the utilization of space: Due to the adoption of light roof and wall structure, and the strength of the material supporting the steel structure is high, the material is saved and the body shape is small, so the weight is light. Therefore, when the steel structure is used as the supporting system, it is possible to construct a bay with a large depth (a large column net steel structure avoids the need for a conversion layer to facilitate various architectural function requirements), and a flexible partitioned house without pillars is used to meet the architectural plane function. The requirements; at the same time can improve the space utilization of the house, suitable for the vertical sandwich of the house, the local split-level transformation. Moreover, the cross section of the required components is small, and the utilization rate of the steel structure building space under the same steel structure building area is increased by 5 to 8%. This point is that in terms of sales in terms of building area, the developer is relatively deprived of the loss of brick concrete or reinforced concrete structure, but As a sales promotion, it is extremely beneficial.

Steel structural components can be manufactured in a variety of shapes. Therefore, the design is more flexible and advanced. It can complete its architectural functions and architectural artistic characteristics according to the designer's wishes.

Due to its light weight, small volume, and good ductility of the steel structure itself, the seismic performance of its steel structure housing is very good. In terms of seismic damage analysis, the steel structure is obviously superior to the rigid structure. - Brick-concrete structure and reinforced concrete frame structure.

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