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Automated Production of Wet Presses for K Span Roll Forming Machine

Update:31 Aug 2018

Changsheng K Span Machine will be equipped with a set o […]

Changsheng K Span Machine will be equipped with a set of lubrication system. When the machine is running, it will automatically lubricate all the bearing bearings and the moving guides of the transmission gear mechanism.

On the basis of the excellence of the traditional roll forming machine, the company has also introduced a new computerized automatic roll forming machine production line, an antique glazed tile production line, a platform load-bearing plate production line, and a composite board production line. At the same time, it also produces pressure-reducing machinery such as dust collector anode plate equipment and high-speed road guardrail equipment. C, Z-shaped steel tile machine automatically cuts, automatic punching, has reached the advanced level in the same industry, the products sell well all over the country.

Its products are beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure and beautiful in tile shape, and are highly praised by the color steel products industry and foreign merchants. Manual blanking and blanking work procedure: Before using the equipment, check whether the connections are secure, whether the mounting bolts and nuts are tightened, and the lubricating oil should be added to the left and right chassis to start the machine for commissioning. First observe the empty car operation.

Whether there is vibration, noise, whether the oil window comes to the oil, the company specializes in the production of color steel tile equipment, floor-supporting board color steel tile equipment, glazed tile color steel tile equipment, high-speed guardrail equipment, double-layer color steel tile Forming Machine, C-shaped steel Machine, C-shaped steel equipment, rolling door forming machine, sandwich composite board machine, shearing machine, bending machine, slitting machine and other auxiliary equipment.

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